Dough Boys Deluxe Bread Box

Dough Boys Deluxe Box


Perfect for a family looking for that special Artisian Bread. This range has been hand picked to be eaten both fresh and frozen for later if it isnt eaten within 5 days of delivery. 


Regular Box:
2x Multigrain Batard

2x German Rye Sourdough

12x Wholemeal Burger Buns

1x Kumara Loaf


Half Size Box:

1x Multigrain

1x German Rye Sourdough

6x Wholemeal Burger Buns

1x Kumara Loaf


Our Multigrain Batard and German Rye Sourdough are your healthy option for this weeks sandwiches and toast. The wholemeal burger buns not only tast amazing but will sort out both burgers for dinner and sandwiches for lunch. 




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